Businesses of all sizes share one thing in common: not enough resources. Carrying a full-time staff for a short-term project is cost-prohibitive. And stretching resources too thin is counter-productive. Allow DWG’s talented team to complement your existing staff, so your team can stay focused on the critical day-to-day operations of your business.


Project & Program Management



Experienced program and project managers lead key initiatives for your company, helping you deliver on the promise of technology, IoT and business transformation.

Solution Selection



Successful system implementation starts with selecting the right solution. We’ll match your requirements to the vendors and solutions best suited to address them, so you can invest in a solution with confidence.

Acquisition Integration



People aren’t the only ones affected when several companies become one. We’ll quickly transition acquired companies on to your systems and define necessary changes to business processes or organizational structure.

Implementation Services


DWG provides the functional, technical and management resources to successfully implement your business applications.

Custom Development



When commercial solutions won’t meet your requirements, we’ll provide the custom development and integration resources needed to bridge the gap.

Executive Leadership



Business does not stop while you look for new leadership. Finding the right leaders for long-term growth is a critical decision. Our temporary experienced operators can support you across sales, marketing, customer success and general business operations on short or long term basis.