DWG - Open for Business

Albeit remote surrounded by pets and children (not unlike the rest of the world). But life must go on with some normality and therefore DWG is operating all services remotely. Professional services and project management. Netsuite consulting and solution administration. And our IoT solutions and integration services.

I have never been great at working from home. I can procrastinate and find myself on chip eating frenzy at any moment of the day, but I am adapting, controlling the urges and trying to keep off the COVID-20. Regular dog walking, indulging in great music and working on the back patio when the sun is out and the temperature cooperates are all helping with the mental health. And thankfully the DWG lease at the SPACES office here in Atlanta was month-to-month, so we have saved some money and can leverage all of our remote working tools and experience to keep business ticking along as normal(ish) for now.

DWG has typically operated a working model of onsite and offsite client engagements. Given that we are located in Atlanta GA, and our client base runs from London UK to San Jose CA, teleconferencing is not new to the team. With the use of Teamwork and Zoom along with many Google and Microsoft tools we are more than comfortable scoping out a project, building relationships and managing complex programs remotely. For example, one of our largest clients in San Jose CA, receives Netsuite solution administration services remotely 100% of the time and due to the COVID19 shelter-in-place rules we are conducting all SIT and UAT of a B2B integration project remotely. Under normal circumstance the project leader and technical subject matter experts would at least have been on-site for much of this activity, if for any reason, to gain valuable face-time with the client and instill further confidence in our services and methodologies.

And we are adapting quickly to working with prospective clients too, without hopping on flights to anywhere in the world. I am personally less anxious about the sounds of a dog barking, a child laughing or the hum (din) of a landscaper leaf blower in the background when I am presenting a proposal. It is what it is and I am hopeful these working from home conditions will be tolerated and not judged when this all is over. We are after-all simply human with different home circumstances that we should all respect.

But as a business owner I have to be aware that there is uncertainty ahead. Clients may not pay-on-time in line with their payment terms to preserve their own cash. New projects in the pipeline could be delayed or cancelled. Therefore, it is my responsibility to limit the burden on employees and contractors and keep the wheels turning and the cash flow flowing. So yes, we too have applied for SBA Disaster relief to try and keep things stable and normal.

But most importantly i'm letting our clients know we are 'Open for Business' and here to help.

So if your technology projects are ongoing and you need alternative resources with deep expertise while you look to minimize cost, risk and liability of full-time employees (FTE's) DWG is here to help. Learn more about our services and contact me directly at andy.davies@dwg.solutions to schedule a call and consider your options.

1. Professional Services

2. Oracle Netsuite Consultants and Solution Administration

3. IoT Solutions

4. System integration (B2B/A2A)