Brands often underestimate the complexity of building and launching a “smart” or connected product. In the IoT landscape, there are hundreds of providers across multiple critical components—from the physical product and connectivity choices to cloud management, applications and analytics.


Allow us to put our IoT experience to work for you, structuring a program that takes you from ideation, strategy, design and prototyping through systems integration, cloud management and platform delivery. We even assist with end-user applications and analytics to ensure you’re creating real value for your customers.


Smart & Connected Products


When it comes to connected solutions, every physical product requires a digital twin. And one shouldn’t be undertaken without the other. We’ll help you build a connected product designed with firmware and security in mind from the get-go, so when it’s time to let users engage, they can count on a reliable connection.

Cloud Platform Management


Build, buy or both? The path you choose could mean the success or failure of your IoT project. We’ll help you navigate this complex landscape, finding either the right pre-built solution or configurable one and identifying the right vendor partnerships from end-to-end.

Connectivity & Communications



Different devices require different communication protocols. The volume, frequency and sensitivity of your data influence how your device must communicate. DWG helps you build your device and your IoT solution in the most advantageous way for you and your customers.

Applications & Analytics


Ensure end-user adoption with mobile and web experiences designed and built by our IoT team. And get the user and device analytics you need to inform and enhance future product development.