From internal enterprise applications, like ERP and CRM, to sharing data with business partners, DWG makes sure systems communicate with one another, using pre-built connectors and custom integrations to make your business and partner eco-system as efficient as possible. For large enterprises with extensive partner networks, DWG designs and manages supplier-enablement programs aimed at maximizing participation in electronic trading and automating the most common B2B transactions.


Enterprise application integration



DWG ensures your solutions are flexible and scalable enough to keep up with expanding data creation and consumption. We also help you securely move information, both within and outside your organization’s walls, using a variety of standards and protocols, dynamically converting that data into usable formats for your applications, users and your trading partners.

Data security and compliance


More than ever before, organizations must handle sensitive, regulated and high-value information that is subject to strict security and compliance regulations. At DWG, we help global organizations meet the compliance challenges of all their data: internal, trading partner or IoT.

Supply chain enablement


DWG specializes in helping companies create order, and thereby efficiencies, in their complex supply chains. Designed, built and managed around you and your trading partners, we help you maximize participation and optimize your business transactions. However you receive and send purchase orders and invoices (fully integrated EDI, XML or PDF), DWG helps ensure your suppliers and customers comply with your integration standards.

Data management



Don’t let data slow down your supply chain. DWG automates data monitoring so you’re alerted when data errors and exceptions occur, enabling you to quickly respond to unexpected issues. We also take a managed approach to data, ensuring consolidated, clean and accurate data coming from any number of disparate sources.

B2B integration


Ignoring your B2B integration strategy can be a costly mistake. DWG can ensure you’re leveraging the latest technologies, which offer flexible cloud implementation, fully secure your data at rest and in transit, and provide real-time visibility into the flow of your data.

EDI & Netsuite


Implement a cloud based, fully integrated EDI solution with a Netsuite Connector and remove the need to re-key data when exchanging electronic business documents with trading partners. DWG will help select, configure, test and deploy the right EDI solution for your Netsuite ERP.